Tom Woodrow is Geek Media and the motorcycling film-maker who is going to travel with us through thick and thin and record the entire adventure.
A brave two-wheel vetran who has managed to keep his eye-brows lowered and his lens focused at the prospect of what lies ahead for his travelling companions.
If your business or organisation requires film or video production then Go To Geek.


mwnki creative

Thanks to Jayne Bromfield for designing our leaflets and posters. Check out mwnki creative for design, branding , web and print services.






Get an Interburns K2D T- Shirt at Rock Dragon. Thanks to Jo Ashburner there who has made our flags.


StahlKoffer Motorcycle Panniers

Thanks to STAHLKOFFER for making our bags.



Bike-onic in Bury

A great bike shop in Bury, Greater Manchester.
Thanks to Vince there who enthusiastically got us on our way with the first 125s.
His energy topped up the tank and kept our momentum going.
If you need a bike in that neck of the woods, check them out.



Wolf Motorcycle Training, Ellesmere Port

Wolf motorcycle training
For the northern half of the crew, thanks to all the guys at Wolf for their good humoured training as we progress towards passing our tests. These guys really look after their customers. See the following link to get through to them.


SOS Motorcycle Recovery

SOS recoveery
If your bike breaks down when your out on a jaunt! Then what?
Do you have a trailer? How do you get home to get it?
What about leaving your precious bike on the side of the road?
SOS offers a brilliant service. Friendly and helpful.